Smiths Station


Smith's Station - a station of the Butterfield Overland Mail Route

From 1858 until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, a station of the Butterfield Overland Mail Route was located here.

Despite a brief existence, it was an important stop on the early stage line that reached from Missouri to California. Stages made the trip in under 25 days, a marked improvement on earlier communication links with the rapidly developing West.

Located on Chimney Creek between stage stops at Clear Fork (26 MI. NE) and Fort Phantom Hill (12 MI. SW), Smith's Station was the only Butterfield stop located in present Shackelford County.

In March of 2004 Joe Allen, an historical archeologist, followed the Butterfield Trail and discovered many artifacts along the way.



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AC Green

In 2011 Smith's Station was rebuilt to it's original condition back in 1858-1861.